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Innova.Net began operating in December of 1995 serving the Clemson/Seneca area with dial-up and bulletin board services. We expanded from the Upstate into the Midlands over the next few years with quality service and support. In 2000 we began to provide more broadband services and less dial-up. At this time we decided to concentrate on our "home" market and also deliver business class services. 2004 was a monumental year as Innova was purchased by Technology Solutions of SC, Inc. The management team at Technology Solutions refocused the efforts on high speed and high quality enterprise services such as ADSL, T-1 and Metro Ethernet. Each year we continue to grow and expand our customer base.

2011 finds us at the dawn of a new age in data communications in Oconee County. A massive fiber optic installation is in progress and we are positioned to take advantage of the speed and performance this technology will bring. Innova is a last mile provider for the Oconee FOCUS Fiber Project. We will be delivering speeds of 10 to 1000Mb/second to residential, business and commercial customers.

We know South Carolina, it's people, businesses, industries, and institutions. We understand your data and communication needs. Our philosophy is basic: Provide quality products and services to our customers, one customer at a time.

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Fiber Optic Internet will begin operating in the next couple of months! Until then, voice your interest and we will keep you in the loop and inform you when it becomes available.

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