Commerical Fiber Optic Internet

Take your business to the next level by upgrading your internet to Innova's Fiber Optic connection. As bandwidth requirements continue to rise, the days of DSL, Cable, and Dial-Up are numbered. These technologies can never provide the speed and reliablity of fiber. Fiber Optic Internet is future safe— making it a technology that will be in place for many decades to come. Combining this with Innova's world-class support team translates into increased productivity, efficiency, and dependability for your company.

Productivity at its Finest

A key benefit of Fiber Optic Internet is that it allows for far faster connection speeds than copper DSL or coaxial cable. For example, a single copper line can carry six phone calls. A single fiber can carry more than 2.5 million phone calls simultaneously. In fact, experts say Fiber is the only technology with enough bandwidth to handle projected demands during the next decade reliably and cost effectively. Copper and cable just cannot compete. Less time watching the progress bar means more time spent running the business.

Symmetrical Bandwidth

If you are like most businesses, you send a lot of data upstream through VoIP phone calls, teleconferencing, and file sharing with collegues. Innova offers symmetrical bandwidth plans for businesses so you can take full advantage of the benefits that all of these technolgies have to offer.

Our Uptime is All the Time

Here at Innova, we always strive for 100% uptime on all of our fiber optic lines. Moreover, we believe that you should only pay for the connection if its working. In any case that our lines go down and your business is affected, the bill is on us for every minute until your company is up and running again. For some this might be called superior customer service. But for us at Innova, we like to call it business as usual.

Innova's 24/7 Monitoring & Support

We monitor the status of our fiber optic lines every minute of every day—nonstop. If your connection goes down, chances are we will know it before you do. In any case, day or night, you will always be able to reach our emergency dispatch operator. Our team of highly trained technicians won't sleep until your problem is fixed.

100% Fiber, All the Way

Some only claim to offer fiber optic internet. The truth is that the fiber does not run all the way to your business. This means that you are not truly getting the speed or reliablity of Innova's Fiber Optic Internet. Our Fiber goes all the way to your company—not the curb. To prove it, Innova is a proud member of the Fiber to the Home Council.

Commercial Fiber Optic Plans

Innova offers commercial-grade businesses three Fiber Optic Internet plans ranging from 10 to 30 Mbps. If your company requires higher bandwidth, give us a call at 864.888.4911 and we will work with you to develop a customized plan.

Upload 10 Mbps 20 Mbps 30 Mbps
Download 10 Mbps 20 Mbps 30 Mbps
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Fiber Optic Internet will begin operating in the next couple of months! Until then, voice your interest and we will keep you in the loop and inform you when it becomes available.

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