Voice over IP
Trim costs and increase productivity with Innova's VoIP solutions.
VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) offers your business new ways to cut costs, increase flexibility and manage the network more efficiently – all at once.

Business phone systems rely on Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems to route traffic between the outside world and each extension in your office. With past technology, these systems were large and expensive and therefore making the purchase difficult for businesses. As important as high speed data is today, companies had to maintain separate inbound connections – one for voice and one for data.

Innova allows you to combine your phone and internet lines into one and to stop paying for two inbound connections. We offer many features with our VoIP systems including anonymous call rejection, call trace and hunting/grouping services. Also take advantage of our Unlimited Local Service.

Other benefits of Innova's VoIP services include:

  • Unifying voicemail and email communication
  • Effortlessly integrating new employees into the phone system
  • Call forwarding to your mobile device
  • Changing extensions with the press of a button, and more

If you are still using plain old telephone services to run your business, give us a call or leave us a message and discover firsthand how Innova Communications can make a difference in your organization.

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Fiber Optic Internet will begin operating in the next couple of months! Until then, voice your interest and we will keep you in the loop and inform you when it becomes available.

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